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In the middle of November, the commissioning of the 80 wide profile production line developed by Polysun has been successfully completed, and is now awaiting the stage of packing and shipping.

Equipment characteristics

The main machine adopts the PLCS80/156 cone twin extruder, and the maximum output of extrusion can reach 300kg/h. The smart design, together with the latest Siemens control system and the use of bimetal screw barrel, increases the 

service life of the equipment. The high-quality imported bearings ensure the possibility of high torque and high back pressure. The whole machine is characterized by high working efficiency and smooth operation.

The horizontal new structure gearbox designed and developed by Polysun patent adopts NSK special bearing and Siemens motor imported from Japan, which is beautiful in appearance and compact in structure, ensuring efficient, stable and 

long-term operation of the equipment.

The length of the shaping table can be adjusted to meet the requirements of high-speed traction. The outside of the sizing table is 304 stainless steel water pipes and valves, which are corrosion resistant and corrosion resistant. With the use of plastic spraying, the service life of the equipment is greatly improved, and the diversity of product production is enriched.

The traction form adopts quick change rubber block, which can realize the particularity of special-shaped product structure. The width of the rubber block is 240mm, and the hardness is moderate, which can ensure the traction force. The 

maximum traction force can reach 25KN, and can also ensure the protection of soft products and sufficient traction force.

Polysun's patented profiled plate and sheet coiler is specially designed to meet customers' unique requirements for profile coiling. It can realize automatic reeling, cutting, counting, tensioning and issue a warning for changing the 
reel. This makes the development of this product unique

Factory overview
Polysun's plastic extrusion equipment is exported to more than ten countries such as Germany, Poland, Russia and Vietnam. We pay attention to details, the interface is simple and easy to understand, in line with humanized design 

features, and won customers' love and trust. Our goal is to be the most professional profile extrusion line. We will continue to innovate and develop, serve customers, and contribute to the development and progress of the industry.

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