News Events in November

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News Events in November
01. E-commerce Conference      

On the morning of November 18, Tongling E-Commerce Association held the first general meeting and founding meeting, and our company was invited to participate. The conference mainly focused on "accelerating the development of digital economy and promoting the deep integration of digital economy and real economy" "This theme will further promote the high-quality development of Tongling's e-commerce industry, accelerate the cultivation of e-commerce entities, strengthen self-discipline in the e-commerce industry, and strengthen the training of e-commerce talents. In recent years, the rapid development of the e-commerce industry has been widely penetrated into all areas of social and economic life, becoming a new way for the government to develop the economy and optimize the industrial structure. E-commerce has become one of the important contents of our modern service industry. The establishment of the E-commerce Association has also It marks that e-commerce enterprises and the vast number of e-commerce practitioners will devote themselves to the city's economic development and construction on a broader stage.

02. Factory News
Publicity of high enterprise recognition
Polysun won the second batch of high-tech enterprises recognized in 2022

Congratulate Polysun on winning the second batch of high-tech enterprises recognized in 2022. This is our affirmation. This honor will effectively help improve the scientific and technological research and development management level of enterprises, promote the scientific and technological transformation of enterprises, provide powerful qualifications for enterprises in the market competition, and enhance the corporate brand image. For industrial enterprises like ours, the recognition of high enterprises has also laid a solid foundation for attracting high-end talents and core talents.


As the cold winter approaches, Polysun's product production is also proceeding in an orderly manner. For the problems and difficulties in production, everyone is actively communicating and solving, hoping to give customers satisfactory products and win customers' trust with perfect services.


With the gradual expansion of Plastex's team size, the original office has become somewhat cramped, so we found a new big "home". As the decoration is coming to an end, people are increasingly looking forward to the new office environment. We hope to use a better office environment to welcome more small partners to join, so that everyone can work in a more spacious and comfortable office environment.

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