2022 Teachers and students of Tongling University visit our company for guidance
On the morning of October 27, more than 60 college students majoring in international trade from the School of Economics of Tongling University visited Plastex International and Anhui Polysun under the leadership of Professor Ding Yumin, Teacher Zhou and Teacher Cao, and conducted in-depth exchanges and heated discussions on the company's products, business philosophy, future development trend and employment situation.

PART 01Hot train welcome

Tongling University is a provincial demonstration application-oriented undergraduate university with the characteristics of running a school of finance and economics disciplines. It has been running a school for more than 50 years. It is a key application-oriented undergraduate university in Anhui Province and the initiator of Anhui application-oriented undergraduate university alliance.

PART 02Exchange learning

Brief introduction

President Yuan, as the 2001 graduates of the Department of Economics and Management of Tongling University, extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students of Tongling University. Under the guidance and explanation of President Yuan, everyone visited the exhibition hall and production workshop of the company, and answered all kinds of questions for the students. The students also had a preliminary understanding of the company and our products. As the "old" senior brother of the students, President Yuan is very proud of his contribution to the alma mater by giving advice to the younger brothers and sisters who are about to leave the school

Exchange and discussion
Although everyone's specialty is not the same as that of our company, President Yuan introduced our company's scale, personnel structure, design principle of our equipment, application scope, installation quality control requirements and new products developed by the company's science and technology in simple terms. Many of them were interested in and puzzled about these questions, and Mr. Yuan also patiently answered them one by one.

As an experienced person, President Yuan also gave his own life advice to these graduating students, "No matter what students will do in the future, the mentality is the first". Only by putting yourself in the lowest position can we reach the bottom and rebound and climb the peak. I hope they will benefit a lot if they can remember this sentence in the future.

PART 03 Strengthening cooperation

The picture shows President Yuan taking a group photo with teachers and students of Tongling University

In 2022, Anhui Polysun signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the School of Business Administration, the School of Mechanical Engineering and the School of Electrical Engineering of Tongling University. Strengthen school enterprise cooperation, give full play to the scientific research, talent and technical advantages of Tongling University, combine the industrial characteristics of Anhui Polysun Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd., carry out industry university research cooperation, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote talent training, provide technical support for enterprise development, and improve the scientific and technological content and market competitiveness of enterprises. This visit and exchange further strengthened the school enterprise relationship, and the two sides will continue a new chapter of school enterprise cooperation.


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