October Chronicle of Plastex

Company News
October Events  
Continuous domestic and foreign trade orders
Contract review meeting held
01. The epidemic has been repeated      
After the National Day holiday, everyone was actively engaged in their busy work. Although the epidemic situation is capricious, it does not affect our driving force and 
determination to make our products satisfactory.

Since September and October, the company's orders have continued and the market has gradually warmed.

02. Responsible for products and customers in the review meeting

The contract review meetings condensed the painstaking efforts of countless people in the company. Post event control is inferior to in-process control, and in-process control 

is inferior to pre event control. As a pre event work, contract review is particularly important. It can achieve clear goals and avoid detours to reach the destination; It can 

save resources and avoid unnecessary waste; Human resources can be reasonably allocated. In this way, we can be responsible for our products, be responsible for our customers, 

think about their needs, meet their needs, and eliminate their worries. Therefore, we attach great importance to the contract review meeting, and every order is indispensable.

Welcome to Yuan Lintian Children's Dental Hospital

Professor Yuan Lintian came to our company to guide the work

01. Lecture on Enterprise Management and Corporate Culture

Welcome Professor Yuan Lintian to our company for guidance! A lively lecture on enterprise management and team culture construction was given to our employees.

The whole lecture explained what is enterprise management and enterprise culture, focused on how to build enterprise culture, the relationship between employee development and 

enterprise culture, and combined with actual cases, made a profound discussion and brilliant explanation in simple terms. All employees were deeply impressed, and the lecture 

content played a guiding role in the development of our company's cultural construction.
02. Lecture Experience

Through this lecture, we learned how to create a wonderful life and a truth about love, altruism and gratitude. Life is not easy, especially entrepreneurship! We will keep in 

mind that we can live a wonderful life only if we spare no effort and are prepared for danger in times of peace!

[News Express] Polysun High tech Enterprises declared successful

Anhui Polysun High tech Enterprise has passed the certification. Congratulations

[News Express] Congratulations on the relocation of President Zhan and President Shi

President Zhan and President Shi moved to the new office of Polysun Equipment on the same day. We hope that President Zhan and President Shi will accompany each other all the 

way in the days of Polysun and realize the Plastex dream of home and country as soon as possible!

[Highly paid recruitment] Mechanical designer Mechanical and electrical engineer

Recruitment: two mechanical designers, two mechanical and electrical engineers, and two engineering technicians for after-sales service of plastic machinery equipment. Those who have dreams follow together, and those who have experience share! Interested parties please contact us.

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