2022 National Annual Conference of Plastic Profile and Door and Window Industry

On August 23, the 2022 National Plastic Profile and Door and Window Industry Annual Conference was held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and Anhui Polysun Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to participate!

Summarize the past together and look forward to the future

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In the cool autumn, we also welcomed the annual plastic profile industry conference. Each gathering will become a precious memory in life, and a wonderful annual conference ceremony has begun!

2. Meeting content

The 2022 National Annual Conference of Plastic Profile and Door and Window Industry was held in Junchen Hotel, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. The main contents of the conference included the release and review of the 2022 work report and 2021 financial report of the special committee, the second enlarged meeting of the ninth committee of the special committee, discussing the current opportunities and future development trend of the industry, issuing the top ten honorary plaques and certificates of the industry, and honoring the outstanding member units in 2022, And research the development and application of high-quality plastic doors and windows under the dual carbon trend.

After the opening ceremony of the annual meeting, experts made reports on how to seize opportunities, innovate and make breakthroughs, green development and other topics.

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The meeting was chaired by Ms. Li Jingxia, Secretary General of the Special Committee.

Director Cheng Jie of the special committee made the 2022 annual report of the special committee on doors, windows and profiled materials of China Plastics Association.

Wang Zhanjie, Chairman of China Plastics Processing Association, delivered an important speech.

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Our summary

Professor Guo Shaoyun, the leader of the expert group of the Special Committee for Profiled Doors and Windows of China Plastics Association, put forward the idea of "continuing technological innovation and promoting the healthy development of chemical building materials", which made us realize the importance of technological innovation. New materials have better performance than traditional materials. In the future work, we should also try and innovate boldly.
As for Shi Xunruo, Deputy Leader of the Expert Group of the Special Committee for Profiled Doors and Windows of the China Plastics Association, who proposed "seize the opportunity to create another brilliant industry", we expressed our deep feelings. As the epidemic continues to make a comeback, the industry has also been hit hard. As a small and micro enterprise, we should seize the opportunity, seize the wind of the industry, continue to explore new markets, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of production.
Professor Zhang Sheng and Manager Wang Pingping explained to us about the research of flame retardant technology and the application of torque rheometer in the plastic industry, which inspired us.
Green environmental protection is also one of the important themes of this conference. On the premise of green environmental protection, we make innovations and breakthroughs to contribute to the world's environmental protection.

There is nothing that can't be done, only unexpected. I hope our enterprise can make innovation and breakthrough, and create another good performance!

3. Future Outlook

Group photo

After the report on the first day, all participants took a group photo.

Corporate Vision
In 2022, the epidemic will continue to spread, which is also a year of great opportunities and challenges for us. The development of the industry is weak. However, we did not stop. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market environment, we bear a heavy responsibility. It is hoped that the 2023 annual meeting will be held under the theme of "energy conservation, emission reduction and green development" by all peers, and will continue to strive, innovate and make breakthroughs to achieve prosperity!

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