1、Enterprise purpose

Keep improving and achieve the best. A firm promise and a consistent way of doing business and facing market and employee. 

2、Values of Enterprise
Speed Higher, Quality Better, Reputation Greater, Pay more attention on establishing “Plastex” brand.

3、Management policy

Integrating the world’s advanced technology, and shaping the beautiful future! Integrating the advanced plastic processing technology in the world, we will strive to expand the international market and build a modern & powerful enterprise with sustained innovation, scientific and environmental protection.

4、Company prospect
Based on China, we strive to develop into a super innovative, well-known and internationally advanced plastics & new material company.

5、management philosophy
1."Enterprise & Home" culture is the core idea. 
Efforts to build the "home" culture of enterprises, that is to say that enterprise consider employees as the cornerstones, meanwhile, employees consider enterprises as a warm & stable home. Efforts to foster the sense of ownership of employees, and built up the spirit of collectivism, so as to build our enterprise into a "small and strong, long-lasting and long-standing" small steel gun enterprise.
Talents are always the core driving force for the development of enterprises, and enterprises are the warmest home for the growth of employees. The mechanism trains the talented person, the system optimizes the talented person, the enterprise encourages the talented person.
The company attaches great importance to the training and establishment of talented person. Human resources allocation and optimization, "ability is better than education, performance is better than seniority" has a positive and healthy working attitude, excellent completion of their work is the company's most valuable talent.

2.The Eight-Character Policy Practiced by Employees: Integrity, Diligence, Cooperation and Innovation
Honesty - Keep promise and do everything well with heart 
Diligence - hard work, down-to-earth, perseverance without avoiding hardships            
Cooperation - advocating communication at home and reciprocity at abroad to create a harmonious and coordinated atmosphere            
Innovation - Continuous Learning, Continuous Surpassing, Widely Acquisition of All Strengths, Meeting Challenges