Bailu has been busy and happy for a long time

twenty-four solar terms
White Dew
The dew is white from tonight, and the moon is the hometown of Ming

"Water and soil moisture condenses and becomes dew. Autumn is golden, golden and white. White is the color of dew, and Qi begins to be cold.".

——"The collection of the seventy-two seasons of the moon"

The autumn wind is slightly cool, and the beautiful dew turns into frost

Autumn is getting stronger and stronger. With the cool autumn wind, it is a good time to work.

The leaders of Plastex company are busy with the construction and construction of the new factory site, and quickly promote the decoration and relocation of the new factory! Bosen equipment's colleagues are busy shipping a batch of equipment exported to Europe! In the workshop, some are busy with product inspection, some are busy coordinating warehouse delivery, some are busy packing, and some are busy stacking... Under the active drive of the company's leaders and the careful guidance of workshop operators, order production is carried out in a tense and orderly manner.

We made concerted efforts to deliver the goods on time before moving, and the delivery site was organized in an orderly manner.

Let the little green man, put on his beautiful green clothes, ride the expensive green sedan, ride the wind and waves, and sail away

New starting point and new journey

Success is not a person's brilliance, but a team working together to forge ahead. Plastex has you, me, you and us. I believe that with the continuous efforts of all our staff, Plastex international will eventually usher in the greatest prosperity.