Plastex international trade officially sounded the horn of the second entrepreneurship!

New image, new power, new journey and new mission -- Plastex international trade officially sounded the horn of the second entrepreneurship!

Since this year, focusing on the company's annual work requirements, while implementing the epidemic prevention and control work, Plastex international has comprehensively promoted various production and operation work, accurately grasped the "leader" of quality, focused on the annual goal and carried out in-depth operation work. All employees have firmly established the core values of "high quality and efficiency" around ensuring safety, promoting marketing, strengthening management and maintenance, and gone all out to develop business, which has laid a solid foundation for the company's second entrepreneurship.

 At present, the capital construction project of the company's new plant has entered the closing and acceptance stage. The plant will be decorated according to the original plan in August, and the plant relocation is expected to be completed before September!

We are going all out to achieve the business objectives set by the company at the beginning of 2021: Polysun company enters the regulations, domestic and foreign trade flies together, new factory relocation and new office building decoration. After more than half a year's efforts, the annual goal is advancing steadily, and the situation is very good. We hope that all employees will strengthen their confidence, sound the trumpet of charge and make great strides forward.

The past five years have been the harvest of Plastex international. The company has developed step by step from a start and zero business to the existing scale and business volume. Although the epidemic has had a great impact on international business for more than a year, it has not blocked the growth of the company's overall business and the development of new customers. The company has always adhered to the concept of quality first, adhered to innovation and extrusion new product research and development, followed the pace of the development of extrusion equipment industry, the business personnel have also been increasing, and the domestic sales have been renovated and high, International business is also adding new cooperative countries! Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, the company is about to usher in a new stage

Plastex International's new five-year plan, a new European concept plant and modern office will be presented to you. The company's new international and domestic sales objectives have been determined. In the face of the new journey and the ups and downs on the way forward, we will always maintain high spirited, enterprising and promising passion and vitality, and do a solid job in all kinds of work, Jointly create new brilliance for the harmonious development of the company.