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In the home decoration, many owners prefer American style, European style and other styles. In these styles, the obvious feature is to use a lot of decorative materials. The decoration used before was mostly solid wood and gypsum, but now the new environmental plastic wood materials are healthier and more durable, and gradually replaced the traditional decorative lines, floors, wall panels, etc.

Plastic wood is a decorative line made of plastic raw materials and wood flour. The plastic raw materials include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, etc. according to the different production processes, different proportions of wood flour materials are added. Wood flour materials are composed of waste wood, rice husk, straw and other mixtures. These materials are extruded into variou


Advantages of plastic wood for house decoration

1. Fashionable and beautiful plastic wood lines have the texture of wood, but the pattern and color changes are more abundant than solid wood. They can make a lot of personalized design, fashionable and beautiful, and the overall decoration effect is very good.

2. Strong and durable, the firmness of plastic wood line is very good, which is better than the traditional line. The plastic wood line has good compression and impact resistance in use, is not easy to deform and damage, and can be used for a long time.

3. Corrosion resistance solid wood line although environmental protection, firmness is also good, but because of the physical characteristics of the wood itself, waterproof and corrosion resistance is poor, and plastic wood line using polymer materials will be wrapped up in wood powder, so corrosion resistance and waterproof is very strong, but also a flame retardant material.

4. The raw materials used for health and environmental protection plastic wood lines will not volatilize harmful substances. In the processing technology, heat transfer printing is also used for surface treatment, and environmental protection paint is used for decorative coating, so there are no harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene.

5. In the reconstruction of old houses, the walls of old houses are aging; The wallpaper is moldy, yellowing and fading, the wall paint blisters and falls off, cracks and tarnishes. In the transformation, the renovation of the wall has become a key step. In the traditional wall decoration, different decorative surfaces have different operation procedures, such as leveling, putty, latex paint, wallpaper and so on. The number of procedures can reach 6 or 7. A wide range of procedures not only have high material cost, but also high labor cost and time cost. With the improvement of people's living quality requirements and the improvement of environmental protection concept, plastic wood wallboard has been concerned and valued by many people.

In short, China's new urbanization construction has brought unprecedented historical opportunities for large-scale promotion of green building and building energy conservation, and new building materials contain new green hope. In the life and industrial application, plastic wood is more and more popular for its environmental protection and safety, and plays an important and irreplaceable role. Plastic wood has the advantages of energy saving, material saving, ecological protection, improving living environment, improving function and quality, and convenient completion. It is widely used in new house decoration and old house reconstruction.


The development of wood plastic materials is mainly reflected in the progress of plate manufacturing technology, profile / profile manufacturing technology and connection and assembly technology.

With the emergence of wood extrusion technology, at the beginning of this century, people began to combine single screw extruder, twin-screw extruder and plate mold to manufacture wood furniture plate. The manufacturing technology of plastic wood imitation marble board, the manufacturing technology of plastic wood furniture board that can be painted, the manufacturing technology of color plastic wood and other surface decoration technologies of plastic wood have been developed rapidly. The advantage of wood plastic composites is that wood plastic composites do not release VOCs due to the absence of adhesives.

The research and development of wood profile manufacturing technology mainly focus on formula improvement, material rheology, mold size, process parameters, cavity design and so on. Plastic wood profile can be used to make furniture back, legs, headboard and frame, especially suitable for making furniture products with various styles. The profile of plastic wood furniture can be made by molding or injection molding. When molding, the wood plastic composite material is put into the mold cavity, and the mold is closed. Under the action of heat or pressure, the properties of the material change, and the mold shape is consistent with the mold shape. The organic surface can be made by this forming method, and the surface texture can be processed at one time.