2021 national plastic profile and door and window industry annual meeting is a complete success!

Comply with the new era and "shape" the new future -- the 2021 national plastic profile and door and window industry annual meeting is a complete success!

Autumn October is the harvest season. The 2021 national plastic profile and door and window industry annual meeting was held in Jishui County, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province on October 14 for three days. The annual meeting was hosted by China Plastics Processing Industry Association and undertaken by the professional committee of profile and door and window products of China Plastics Processing Industry Association. Tongling Plastex International Trade Co., Ltd. was invited to participate. The annual meeting launched warm exchanges and discussions around the brilliant achievements made this year, the current development situation of the industry and the new trend of the industry in the future, adding a heavy color to the promotion of social and economic development and the transformation and upgrading of green industries.

Grand occasion of the annual meeting

With the theme of "conforming to the new era and jointly 'shaping' the new future", the meeting was chaired by Li Jingxia, Secretary General of the Special Committee on profiles, doors and windows of China Plastics Association. Cao Ling, the eighth director of the Special Committee on profiles, doors and windows of China Plastics Association and vice president of Tianjin Jinpeng group, made the work report of the special committee, and Sun Jian, the deputy director of the special committee and director of Dalian Shide Technology Development Co., Ltd., made the financial report for 2020.

2021 is not only the opening year of the 14th five year plan, but also the starting year of the national "carbon peak · carbon neutralization". In this context, "developing green buildings" has become the top priority. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the quality, performance, function and guarantee ability of plastic profile.

Under the current situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the smooth convening of the annual meeting of profile and door and window industry has laid a foundation for opening up the industrial chain and supply chain, stimulating market vitality and grasping the new pattern of development. At the same time, through the in-depth exchange and learning of this meeting, we built a bridge of friendship with major enterprises, improved the technical knowledge of the plastic profile industry, promoted the coordinated development between the plastic profile industry and various enterprises, and played an important positive role in promoting the sustainable development of the plastic industry.

Revolutionary Holy Land - Jinggangshan trip

On October 16, the Jinggangshan red research activity organized by the special committee for profiled doors and windows of China Plastics Association, all representatives began the red journey of remembering the martyrs and recalling the front line with great respect

Shuidiaotou first went to Jinggangshan

Lingyunzhi went to Jinggangshan after a long time. Thousands of miles to find holy land, pious and truth-seeking chapter. The mountains are shrouded in clouds and rain. High road into the clouds, to the Huangyang world, began to feel relieved.

Head moving, umbrella dancing, see the holy mountain! Forty three years later, the fingers flicked. President Zhu has a shoulder pole. When will the pine dream of success? There are thousands of feelings in my heart. Nothing is difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to climb!

——Plastex leoxuyuan

Although the trip to Jinggangshan came and went in a hurry, we benefited a lot. When your feet really set foot on the red land of Jinggangshan, feel the ups and downs and grandeur of the land; When we stood in front of solemn sites for the first time, we felt a stirring story; When we walked through the Red Army canyon with our bare hands and experienced the hardships of the original road, our hearts were strongly impacted, and a series of feelings such as shock, disbelief, admiration, moving and pride hit us all at once. At this time, Jinggangshan is no longer a mountain, but a symbol, a symbol and a belief. At this moment, I really understand and realize the spirit of Jinggangshan - firm faith, hard work, seeking truth from facts, daring to innovate and winning.

As Plastex people dedicated to the extrusion industry, we should remember and practice this spirit, strengthen our faith, overcome difficult conditions and difficulties in our work, dare to be the first, seek truth from facts, work hard to realize our Plastex dream and Chinese dream, and then climb the peak!