The future is bright with gratitude in mind

Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival created by the American people, and it is also a festival for American families to get together. In addition to the United States, Canada, Egypt, Greece and other countries in the world have their own unique Thanksgiving.

Nine benefactors in one's life

Thank you for your care

Our planet is a very good planet: there are day and night changes, there are morning and evening, cool night behind the hot day, quiet and sunny foretells a busy morning.

There are quiet and solemn trees that give us shade in summer, but they don't cover the warm sunshine in winter.

There are showers in spring, thunderstorms in summer, dry and cool breeze in autumn, and snow in winter: there is nothing better in the universe.

Enjoyment of nature by Lin Yutang

Thank you, parents

From birth to maturity and independence, our parents have been quietly reaching out behind us to shelter us from the wind and rain. Now we are wandering in a foreign country to obtain personal honor and friendship. In the old house, there is a pair of parents who just pray for reunion during the new year. Dare not disturb, dare not greet.

Thank you, good teacher

People's success usually comes when the energy is enough to fight against any problem. Before that, all we have to do is learn. Thank the teachers who impart knowledge selflessly and explain the truth patiently. As long as you teach yourself carefully, you should keep it in mind. A teacher in one day is a father all his life.

Thank you for your company

You know my shortcomings, have never disliked, never thought of abandoning. Thank you for letting me grow up and encouraging me, no one is perfect, no one can't make mistakes, just be good at yourself, you don't need to envy anyone's achievements, and you should be less worried. The best love, is the soul of each other, is to grow up.

Thank you, dear friend

My life used to be sad and dark. However, my friends gave me a lot of sympathy, love, happiness and tears, all of which are necessary for survival. These unrequited generous alms give me warmth and happiness in my life.

I accepted them in silence. I didn't say a word of gratitude, and I didn't do anything to repay. But my friends don't put selfish adjectives on me. For me, they were too generous. My life is busy: busy watching, busy listening, busy talking, busy walking. But I did not encounter any difficulties, my friends prepared everything for me, so that I would not lack anything.

I can live to this day with them, and I still have to live by them.

Friends Ba Jin

Thank you for your advice

When you meet an old man with a bad mouth and a good heart, you are lucky. At first, she looked at you inch by inch with the high-level eyes of an experienced professional, which made you feel scared and frightened. She didn't smile at you like other predecessors, but when you made mistakes due to unskilled work, she said a lot of words to help you behind your invisible back. Because, the elder is not born is the elder, she was also the original us.

Thank you, the kindness of strangers

When we feel cold in strangers, we will feel good will in strangers, so we have a mixture of sadness and joy to form our taste of life. Love life, love that inch of light projection, love that piece of yellow leaf wither, love life, do not have any attached identity. Because, the existence of those strangers, let you feel that you are being treated by the world gently.

Thank you. Thanks for your encouragement

The game is fierce, and sometimes it's rivalry. But it is the challenge that makes us constantly enhance our strength. Our brain is always active, innovative and pursuing.

Thank you for your efforts

Sometimes, only when we value ourselves can we get the attention of others. Whether we are successful in harvest or in the face of setbacks, we need ourselves to experience and cross over. Only by relying on ourselves can we have true happiness.

Plastex international has come all the way. Looking back, it turns out that everything has been arranged.

When I was a student, if I had not been assigned to a class, I would not have drawn a blueprint for the future in the hearts of teenagers.

When I first entered the society, if my colleagues didn't have you, who can shoulder my disappointment and frustration with me. If there was no you, determined to start a business, who would follow you and believe that I have potential.

When my career just started to improve, I worked hard day and night. If my wife complained that she didn't support me, I would feel like a homeless prodigal that the world was so big that I couldn't do anything about it.

When making tens of millions of sales a year, I always reflect on myself. If there is no incentive from competitors and affirmation from customers, I would not be the present me.

Of course, from the first second I came to the world, I knew that what I could never compensate for in my life was the kindness of my parents.

Finally, I want to say to myself, thank you for your hard work. You are so beautiful who love this world.

Plastex & Polysun League building activities in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province

Boson's third anniversary