Plastex future products: better life brought by square inch wood plastic

The busy struggle of modern office workers every day and night, the quiet self solitude is a rare rest for urban people. The less free time, the more chaotic the spiritual thoughts.

Comfortable nest, so that we unload all the fatigue of the day, the moment to open the door, even if the "home" is a temporary lodging in a foreign city, but it is also the temporary home of the wandering soul.

City life, we can not expect "bright moon between pine, clear spring stone upper class" artistic conception, an inch of dwelling is an inch of supreme heaven.

The terrace on the first floor or the roof on the top floor are the most suitable choices for us to create independent small courtyards. With a bright and open vision and simple and lively decoration, the floor made of wood plastic material has the wood feeling of wood and the water-resistant and anticorrosive properties of plastic, which can restore the nature to the greatest extent,

Compared with the antiseptic wood on the market, wood plastic is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, in line with European environmental standards. Moreover, the anticorrosive wood used in China is imported from Nordic countries after treatment, which is expensive and needs regular maintenance.

The weather resistance of PE wood plastic is an absolute advantage. The weather resistance of PE wood plastic floor is very strong, and the color is more natural and harmonious, and the impact resistance is strong. PE wood plastic material can be used outdoors for 15-25 years.

Rain, push open the heavy French windows, let the wind and rain hit the floor, issued bursts of sound like logs were knocked, sound into the ear, like in the lush forest.

High environmental protection, pollution-free, simple installation, convenient construction, so that the limited energy can be put on life knowledge. If you like planting flowers and plants, rose, jasmine, Magnolia and Bougainvillea are very suitable for breeding in the courtyard. The wood plastic floor will not rot, expand and deform due to water absorption and dampness, making our courtyard green and fragrant all the time.

Wood plastic composite is a new type of environmental protection building materials recently. The raw materials used in wood plastic products can be used as base materials such as waste plastics, waste wood, agricultural and forestry orange stem, etc., without any harmful ingredients. Moreover, it can be recycled and reused, which can be called a new product of environmental protection, energy saving and resource recycling.
With the rise of wood plastic composite materials, the market demand has increased, and the plastic industry has been promoted step by step. As a rising star, Plastex international has been working hard for its lifelong career.

Since 2012, our wood plastic mold has been exported to the United States, standardized water tank structure, and wood plastic mold co extrusion technology. Our biggest advantage is that we can provide one-stop service for customers such as extrusion production line, extrusion die, raw materials and technology. We can make a project from the initial concept, to the design of the product, to the perfect debugging, to the final product to achieve rapid and effective transformation.

Plastex people and global partners share our experience and technology. Each set of mold and equipment needs to be debugged in the factory before leaving the factory, which will greatly shorten the debugging and installation time of the mold in the customer's factory, and save resources and time for customers to the greatest extent.

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