Seven highlights of China International Plastics Exhibition 2020

China International Plastics Exhibition 2020
Seven big points
With the joint efforts of the industry, China International Plastics Expo 2020 will be held in Nanjing from November 3 to 5, 2020, and the exhibition area, number of booths, number of exhibitors, number of visitors, quantity and quality of supporting activities of the exhibition will be greatly improved. At present, China Plastics Association is actively promoting the high quality and safety of the exhibition.

The exhibition is rich in activities and highlights.
Let's take a look
China International Plastics Exhibition 2020 and the 4th new plastics material, technology, equipment and product exhibition
Venue: Hall 4, 5, 6 and 7, Nanjing International Expo Center

From November 3 to 5, 2020, China International Plastics Exhibition 2020 and the fourth new plastics materials, new technology, new equipment and new products exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "2020 China International Plastics Exhibition") will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center. It is the largest plastic industry exhibition with the highest specification, the strongest specialty and the largest scale in China this year. Covering an area of nearly 50000 square meters, the exhibition is divided into four exhibition halls, namely, intelligent equipment exhibition hall, new materials and new technology exhibition hall, mold parts and plastic products exhibition hall, plastic packaging and film exhibition hall, covering the latest technology, products and services of the whole industry chain from raw and auxiliary materials, key parts to advanced manufacturing equipment and overall solutions. Up to now, more than 900 backbone enterprises in the plastic industry have participated in the exhibition, including Guangdong tostar Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., dawn group, Jinfa technology, Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Jingcheng times group and other well-known enterprises. There are nearly 2000 exhibition booths, including 889 of 111 enterprises and groups There are special booths.

At 9:00 a.m. on November 3, the opening ceremony of China International Plastics Exhibition 2020 will be held at the square in front of No. 6 Pavilion of Nanjing International 

Expo Center.
Point 2:
2020 China plastics industry science and Technology Conference
Venue: Zijin hall, conference center, Nanjing International Expo Center

China Plastics Processing Industry Association will hold "2020 China plastics industry science and Technology Conference" from 13:30 to 16:30 on November 3, 2020. The leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Academician Wang Yuzhong and Professor Yang Weimin will give a report, look forward to the new pattern of national industrial innovation and development during the "14th five year plan", comprehensively summarize the achievements of scientific and technological innovation of the industry, and discuss major issues of industry development. At that time, there will be more than 1000 entrepreneurs, engineers and technicians in the plastic processing industry, as well as experts and scholars from relevant universities and scientific research institutes.

Three points to watch:
Series of meetings: high specification, strong lineup and rich contents
Venue: Conference Center and hotels of Nanjing International Expo Center
The obvious advantages of China International Plastics Expo 2020 compared with similar exhibitions are that there are many series of conferences, strong professionalism and professional audience gathering. From November 1 to 5, China Plastics Association will hold 41 meetings in Nanjing, with high standard, strong lineup, rich content and outstanding key points. Among them, 34 sessions focused on industry technology, market, standard, operation, products and other topics, which were also sub forums of 2020 China plastics industry science and technology conference. At that time, a number of academicians and more than 300 experts will issue special reports, and more than 10000 entrepreneurs, engineers and technicians will attend the meeting.
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Point 4:
Achievement exchange area of scientific research institutes
Venue: Hall 6, Nanjing International Expo Center

In this exhibition, 58 universities and research institutes, including YINGLAN Laboratory of Beijing University of chemical technology, Wang Yuzhong of Sichuan University, Wang Qi of Sichuan University and Beijing Institute of chemical industry of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, gathered to carry out scientific and technological achievements, project exhibition and transformation and exchange activities of production, teaching, research and application, so as to release forward-looking future trends of plastics for the audience Exhibitors and visitors bring a lot of new scientific and technological innovation achievements and product, technology and market information.

Let's look at five
Release of "four new" products of enterprises and scientific research achievements of scientific research institutes
Venue: Hall 5 and Hall 6 of Nanjing International Expo Center

From November 3 to 5, 19 large well-known enterprises, including Guangdong tostar Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Yongteng Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Suqian Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Jucheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., held a press conference on "new plastic materials, new technologies, new equipment and new products" in hall 5 of the exhibition hall 14 University and Research Institute teams, including academician Qu Jinping of University of technology, Professor Wang VIP of Jilin University and Professor Yang Weimin of Beijing University of chemical technology, held a scientific research results conference in hall 6 of the exhibition hall.

Point 6:
Talent exchange and recruitment -- building a bridge of talent connection between school and enterprise

Venue: Hall 6, Nanjing International Expo Center

The organizers set up a special area for the exchange and recruitment of talents in the exhibition hall, which provides convenience for the students of major universities and vocational and technical schools (colleges) to choose jobs, to absorb talents for enterprises in the plastic industry chain, and to build a bridge for talent docking between schools and enterprises. There are more than 300 job vacancies of Zhongxing group and Shanghai Haide group, and more than 300 job vacancies have been released by Zhongxing group and Shanghai Haide group.

Exhibition area of scientific and technological achievements
Venue: Hall 5, Nanjing International Expo Center

The organizer also set up a 450 square meter special exhibition area for scientific and technological achievements of China's plastics industry in hall 5, which is divided into "development history of plastic processing industry", "achievements of plastic processing industry", "innovation work of the 13th five year plan", "honor of the 13th five year plan" and future development of the plastic processing industry to show the centennial development history of the plastic processing industry and its great contribution to the development of economy, society and people's livelihood Great contributions, especially the brilliant achievements made since the 13th five year plan and the prospect of the 14th five year plan.

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Congratulations on the successful opening of the 4th China International Plastics Exhibition & annual meeting of branches and industries of Plastic Association in 2020! Welcome all new friends and old friends to come to boson booth 6-400 in the exhibition hall to enjoy our friendship and discuss the future together!

Exhibition time: November 3-05, 2020

Venue: Nanjing International Expo Center