In autumn, you should go to Wuyuan

In autumn, you should go to Wuyuan, see the small brick tile horse head wall, the cloister hanging the Flower Pavilion window. Look at the vast picture of the forest and the hermit spirit of the towering mountains.

On the 24th, everyone tossed and turned all night, eager for the rising sun to go to the gathering place. However, few stars were still hanging on the sky. When the faint sunshine spread on the earth, the staff of Plastex international and Polysun equipment all arrived at the meeting place. Therefore, the two-day tour of Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, we set off with joy.

 In the nearly five hours' journey, we looked forward to it and kept silent. The distance was far away. First, there were invariable green trees outside the window, and then we ran across a few pieces of late rice, which was the bright life of Daishan and the thick fog. It was steaming wet and getting into the nostrils of old farmers wearing bamboo hats. When we saw the scattered and peeled walls and tiles and the distinct green water flowing silently, we drove out of Anhui Province. Lijun sister's little handsome boy has been very clever all the way, with his head on his back and his face against the window glass, telling his mother that he wants to see the scenery and not sleep.

Wuyuan is a mountain basin sandwiched in Huaiyu mountain system. It is surrounded by mountains. It is adjacent to Quzhou City, a famous historical and cultural city in the East, Jingdezhen City in the west, Huangshan City, the capital of ancient Huizhou Prefecture and Shexian County, a national historical and cultural city, in the north, Sanqing mountain, the first Xianshan mountain in the south of the Yangtze River, and Dexing City, the Tongdu city. For thousands of years, it has been less affected by the outside world and has retained many ancient local customs.

Moon Bay

Wuyuan Moon Bay
The wind is soft, the sun is thin and the autumn is strong. The yellow shirt is drifting in the clear water. The boat feels slightly cold, and the green on both sides of the river is still green.
Where is Wuyuan? In the millennium of Huizhou. Step on the bamboo floating on the water, the water does not disappear.

First, we came to Yueliangwan. The tour guide is a native Wuyuan person. He speaks with a light dialect. His wheat skin and high eyebrows make him healthy and angry. When talking about Jiangxi dialect, Xiaohua guide can't guess a word. 

A moon like island, a classic representative of Wuyuan ink painting, and a paradise for photographers. The heart of a river is named after the moon. The water surface is calm like a mirror. If you look at a bay of lake water, such as the crescent moon resting water surface, pocket Island, green lake water, quiet flowing. We rowed on the blue blue moon bay, across a curve of green hills, and the lake in front of us opened up again. Inadvertently, a small boat came to us. The two strangers were silent when they were about to pass each other. Suddenly, they did not know who had broken the situation and called out to them in a loud voice: "come here!" We all laughed, and the other party was also very cheerful. If we didn't meet in a hurry, we would sing folk songs to each other.

Ink on the river

With the theme of "Huizhou's past and present" as its theme, Huizhou cultural experience as its core, and "paper, ink, pen and inkstone" as its cultural background, the scenic spot has revived the native life of Huizhou ancient town. Walking into the ink River and wandering in Huizhou's old houses is like visiting a museum of life in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Although the old house is empty, th

Wolong Valley
In the past in the uproar, now come to Wolong.

The day before, we enjoyed the feast of vision. At 8 o'clock on the second day, we set off again for Wolong Valley, Dazhang mountain in the north of Wuyuan. Here, the landscape is covered and the scenery is very steep. It is a primitive forest Gorge Scenic Spot with fresh air. The scenic spot is suitable for tourism in all seasons. There are many wild flowers in spring, green grass in summer, red maple in autumn and ice carving and jade building in winter. The biggest attraction here is the group of waterfalls and clear streams, which is a good place for summer vacation. At the gate of the scenic spot, there is a huge stone with Jin Yong's autograph: Dazhangshan Wolong valley.

Mr. Jin Yong, a famous writer and scholar: Dazhangshan wolonggu

The water flowing down from high places strikes the craggy rocks scattered in the canyon, and the surging sound of water seems to be singing three times, gushing with vigorous life. Here, we all find our aspiration. Some people are full of green and blue water. Some people want to explore the wonders of the mountains. So we all plunge into the verdant paintings, and the white clouds stay for tourists. In order to avoid being ridiculed by Mr. Shi, Mr. Yuan, who never admits defeat, follows the quick and relaxed Mr. Shi with sour legs. The vigorous vegetation all the way is in the bosom of Mr. Yuan, so his hands (Photos) are sour and his legs are sour, and the marvelous show on the top of the mountain is also appreciated. Next stop, we went to Lingyan cave.

Lingyan cave  

Lingyan cave group is composed of 36 karst caves, such as Qingyun, Lianhua and Hanxu. The towers, towers, weeping willows and plum blossoms formed by stone milk in the cave are full of beautiful peaks and crystal clear; dozens of scenes such as zhenmen Shenjiang, Laojun's Alchemy, Xixiang waiting for the moon, and Xiaoyan's learning to fly are lifelike. What's more amazing is that there are more than 2000 stone inscriptions inscribed with ink by senior officials, generals and literati in Tang, song, Ming and Qing Dynasties, and there are handwriting left by Yue Fei and Zhu Xi. The big hole is majestic, while the small one is exquisite and beautiful. When we left the cave by boat, we passed through the deep passage. The master of the motorboat said that the depth here could reach 17 meters. Hanlin said that it was really like a scene in tomb robbing notes. Ding Qiang next to him said, "be careful what comes out of the water.". Looking at the dark and rippling water before and after, we all felt creepy. Out of the Lingyan cave, we saw the simple wooden door again on the way back. This time, our mood was different. The two-day tour was over.

On the bus leaving Wuyuan, the tour guide Xiaohua sang the folk song of his hometown to us on our way home. The folk song swayed and swayed with the ups and downs of the bus. It was really wonderful. The natural and personal feelings were connected together, and the mountain made the people yearn for the mountain, and the people's soul became softer.
In the ambience of mind rippling, Mrs. Cheng, who is simple and elegant, presents a song for everyone. Han Hong's "velvet flower" is slowly sung with a deep and deep baritone, and the artistic conception in the film "little flower" emerges again.
Contrary to us, there is a group of foreigners riding. In the season of long sleeves and short coats, they wear sleeveless sportswear and show their strong muscles. China is a beautiful country. Where did they ride here? Maybe Also because of a certain folk song, and set sail to ride here.
When we got to Wuyuan County, Xiaohua got off the bus quietly, and we were about to drive out of Wuyuan.

At 8:00 p.m., we went back to Tongling and continued the last league building activity, and the tour of Wuyuan came to a perfect end.