Polysun extrudes equipment to join the national scarce new material and new energy field!

In the middle of August, although it is autumn, willow trees on the Bank of the river have withered leaves since a gust of wind, but the hot and hot sun still does not admit defeat. Standing erect in the midsummer, Xihe gallops with horses, and the world's precious solemnity is not to be given up. In the early morning, Polysun extruded the equipment team and set out on the road, and made a long journey of more than 1000 kilometers to the customer factory for debugging.

The new project partner was founded in 2005. After several years of leapfrog development, it has formed an industrial layout of 600000 tons of tar deep processing, 50000 tons of polymer material PPO polyphenylene oxide and 2000 tons of new catalyst. The capacity of deep processing of tar ranks among the top three in China's tar processing industry. The technology of polymer materials and catalyst industry is the first in China and the world's leading. In recent years, it has focused on the new material industry, and its product, polyphenylene oxide, was put into production in 2017 after years of R & D and commissioning.

Although unmodified polyphenylene oxide (PPO) resin has good mechanical properties, electrical properties, heat resistance, flame retardancy and chemical stability, it has poor solvent resistance, stress cracking and low notch impact strength. In addition, it has a fatal weakness: high melt viscosity and poor processability. Pure PPO resin can not be molded by injection method, This greatly limits its application. In order to overcome these shortcomings, or to give it new properties, PPO has been modified. There are two methods of chemical (copolymerization, block, grafting and netting) and physical (blending, filling, reinforcing and micro foaming).

Polyphenylene ether is a national strategic emerging material, which can be used for injection molding, extrusion, alloy, etc. it is an indispensable key material in the fields of electronic information, energy transportation, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, marine engineering, national defense and military construction industry. The modified PPO has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high compression resistance and low density. The wear resistance of the modified PPO is better than that of PE pipe, and its bearing range under high pressure is large. The successful large-scale production of this material has broken through the bottleneck of domestic material field. In recent years, the plastic extrusion technology has made remarkable progress, and its development trend continues to meet the market economy green environmental protection needs.

The delivery of the first batch of PPO new pipe extrusion line project of our company, this first case, makes our Polysun extrusion equipment into the national scarce new material and new energy field! Our company Plastex international and Polysun extrude high-quality equipment products, Xiangyang industry, full sincerity, common concept, attracting more and more friends to our deep affirmation and support. Looking forward to 2020, we know the pines and cypresses in the cold, and we can see the true feelings in adversity. At present, although the industry is still facing many new situations and problems, and the global economic downward pressure continues to increase due to the influence of the epidemic situation and other comprehensive factors, we have always boosted our confidence and made a hundred times of efforts. After the faint glow, we are not afraid of the widespread darkness. The brilliant galaxy is a wonderful life.

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