A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step​

This morning, the rain rippling, broken geese chirping, the mountain and sea of broad and deep a few minutes, the world is in a hurry, urgent! After the final inspection in the workshop, the 65 plate production line, which was sent to Iran, was so ingenious that it was just waiting to be loaded and shipped to Iran. SJZ conical twin-screw extruder is used in the production line. The auxiliary equipment is composed of vacuum sizing table, traction machine, cutting machine and pushing frame, which is used for extrusion of wood plastic wall panel and wood plastic door panel.

Thanks to the trust of the Iranian customer Sani family, the long history of time can be witnessed. The cooperation between plastex and saniplast can be traced back to the beginning of the company's establishment. At that time, Plastex started and Polysun new army. However, our leader Leo and customer Mr. Sani were as good as each other at the first sight. Both sides agreed to establish a long-term strategic partnership! Especially after the first batch of equipment was delivered perfectly, the excellent performance and perfect service of Polysun equipment immediately convinced the Iranian guests! The customer immediately added 3 lines of orders! After a short three-year development cycle, customers have developed from a dilapidated second-hand production line to eight production lines, with products spanning the three major industries of ceiling, wall panel and door panel. Plastex international, Polysun equipment foreign trade path, such as the endless mountains, such as the waves of clear water to bravely. This shipment to Iran, we strive to make a big step forward, the motherland a small step forward, the southern flood season is becoming more and more serious, I wish the majority of the front-line anti flood and disaster relief workers return safely, you are the concern of countless people, you are the backbone, will never go alone, Plastex international to the world, turn to put into the vast territory, everywhere is the deep love.