Summer in May

Summer in May

The gorgeous time of summer flowers, the green depth of the soul, a piece of sentiment from me, and the light and shallow marks in the fleeting years are all experiences related to my own mood.
The taste of summer

The taste of summer, light wind and no rain, only the scorching sun scorching the earth, together with my thoughts, I can't find the tranquility of my heart for a while, the hot red beans and the hot thoughts are beating passionately in the pure heart, the keyboard is filled with only your name, I stay looking at the three familiar words, and I think of the little things we have known since we met, and the dislikes and troubles once were modulated by you The smile of PI is so pale and powerless.

The color of summer

Summer is a colorful season. Even if the spring is full of life and hope, and the autumn is full of joy, the winter's silver is full of energy. But what I like is summer, because summer is colorful and enjoyable. Every scenery in summer is so charming, vivid and interesting that people can't help liking it!

Summer rain

It's rainy in summer. Dark clouds come, showers fall, everything sucks, green is stronger. The most beautiful thing is that the sunshine is always after the wind and rain, the sky is like washing, and the color training is in the air. The blue sky assigns the white cloud to lean over to touch the green mountain, and the white cloud turns around the green mountain. Hand in hand between the heaven and the earth, from the light to the deep color, the vague artistic conception, and the beautiful hook weaves the vitality of summer. Green mountains and waters, blue water and blue sky, all things verdant.

Now when it's green, when the heat comes, when the leaves are whirling, when the branches are swaying, when the shade is covered, when the grass is luxuriant, I wish I could hold the pace of the years.

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