Go against the trend and find new products on the road!

 The epidemic is raging and innovation has never stopped. Go against the trend and find new products on the road!

On the morning of April 22, 2022, President yuan and the company's management team visited the partners of bubble film production line, expanding the company's business scope! At the same time, it also increases the new growth point of international trade!

Bubble film production line

Multilayer composite bubble film packaging material production line, simple but not simple! The production of this production line not only improves the product category of the company, but also improves the economic benefits of the company, and lays a good foundation for the development of the company in the bubble film industry!

According to the strategic layout of the enterprise, we will give full play to the advantages of industry, management and technology, realize rapid production and increase production, take quality as the foundation and user as the center, better serve the high-quality development of economy and society, and assume more social responsibilities.