A two-way trip to the Spring Festival holiday

The "non-stop" Spring Festival of foreign traders: foreign trade orders follow one another, the factory returns to work after the year, arranges orders in an orderly manner, and rushes to the transnational market of the Spring Festival holiday in both directions

-Three sets of coextrusion machines exported to Algeria have also been commissioned and will be packed for a long journey-

"Stabilize foreign trade and promote growth"
Yuan Xu, general manager of Plastex international trade, said: "during the Spring Festival, due to the domestic Spring Festival annual leave, foreign trade customers have very high requirements for our timeliness. We should achieve zero delay and no delay in this area. Therefore, although you are on vacation at home, you still serve our customers conscientiously."

Compared with the previous Spring Festival, we were a little flustered by the epidemic. We found that this Spring Festival, more and more workers working in the front line of foreign trade began to treat the multinational market thousands of miles away more carefully and layout every possible opportunity.

A two-way trip to the Spring Festival holiday

The Spring Festival is supposed to be a day for family reunion, but more Plastex people and foreign trade people choose to communicate online and contact business with buyers from all over the world "as usual" on this special day.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the Plastex foreign trade team kept working, with continuous orders and rolling financial resources.

Foreign trade elites negotiate customer details during the annual break

On the new year's Eve, Miss Erica she, manager of Bosen's foreign trade department, received an order for a set of molds from South African customers. Developed new customers and new countries!

On the second day of the lunar new year, Denis Ding received US $17000 orders from Australian customers.

On the eighth day of the lunar new year, sister may received orders for auxiliary cutting machines from British customers.

On the tenth day of the lunar new year, Nathan Wang, manager of Plastex foreign trade department, received two sets of mold orders from American customers.

The foreign trade team and these multinational buyers provide services to customers anytime and anywhere through online communication, so as to make the communication between the two places more smooth. Plastex International's foreign trade service team, together with many foreign trade enterprises that "don't close during the Spring Festival", stayed online on the 30th of the lunar new year, responded at any time, and went to cross-border orders in both directions.

Screenshot of docking with some foreign trade customers

Four reasons for "not closing" of foreign trade during the Spring Festival!

During the peak period of purchasing in March, we can do it now and receive orders directly after the year

Because the Spring Festival of foreign customers is not our Chinese Spring Festival, so when we celebrate the Spring Festival in China, foreign customers do not have a holiday, and the inventory consumption of each year is very large. Therefore, we will encounter the first procurement peak in March after the new year. During the new year, we will seize he opportunity to contact foreign buyers and receive orders first when they purchase after the new year.

02. After the year, there will be greater competition with peers, and the layout in advance can be one step faster

The traditional concept of Chinese people is the Chinese New Year. Most people will inevitably ignore the development of channels and markets at this time. At this time, if they avoid starting in advance, they can catch up with their peers and take the first opportunity.

03. Many purchasers changed their suppliers years ago, and the intervention was excellent at this time
Each enterprise has its own suppliers in cooperation, but business is not invariable. Every year, they will re plan at the node at the end of the year and the beginning of the year to find more and better suppliers. At this time, it is easier for customers to contact them and choose us.

04. Develop buyers in spare time before the year to avoid more crashes after the year
After the year, domestic manufacturers will also be very busy. They are busy producing orders accumulated during the Spring Festival and have no time to connect with foreign buyers. Therefore, they must connect directly before the year, so that they can bring more high-quality orders and more guaranteed profits to enterprises in the new year.

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