Polysun extrusion equipment housewarming celebration

As the New Year begins, let us also start a new life! The opening ceremony of Anhui Polysun extrusion equipment relocation to Shizishan national high tech Zone came to a successful conclusion!      

On January 10, 2022 (Laba Festival), Anhui Polysun extrusion equipment Co., Ltd. officially moved into Shizishan national high tech Zone on the occasion of celebrating its fifth anniversary. New site, new look, New Year!

New site, new look, New Year!

Polysun people will integrate domestic and foreign marketing channels, integrate the world's advanced technology, and strive to create a complete set of production equipment and molds of advanced, efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly high-quality plastic products for global customers. Strive to build a well-known brand in China's plastic extrusion industry; With its majestic momentum and unique corporate culture, it has opened up new opportunities and finally formed an international group enterprise integrating production and marketing.

Grand opening ceremony

Over the past five years, Polysun equipment, Putai mould and Putuo have worked together, worked hard and complemented each other's advantages, and finally realized the strategic situation of win-win cooperation. Contribute to the group strategy and the rapid development of Polysun equipment. Laid a solid foundation. So as to let the enterprise embark on a healthy growth period of stable development.

A corner of the new factory

Lead customers to visit the new factory
Modern and simple environmental facilities not only provide employees with open and comfortable office conditions, but also provide a solid guarantee for the company's business development. This happy move will be an important milestone in the development of Anhui Polysun!

This also indicates that the company will open a new chapter of development with a new look.

On the occasion of relocation, all employees of Anhui Polysun express their heartfelt thanks to the majority of new and old customers and friends from all walks of life who have supported the development of the company for many years! All employees of Anhui Polysun will provide you with better services in the new environment. I hope you will continue to support us, cooperate and achieve win-win results.

Take dreams as horses, work hard and take advantage of time! In the future, we roll up our sleeves - come on!

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