New weather, new starting point and new journey!


 At the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the personnel of Polysun factory are in place in succession, the workshop production is in a stable and orderly manner, and the goods ordered by our customers are also packed and ready to go. Everything has returned to its usual state, and everyone has devoted themselves to their work with great enthusiasm.



On February 2, Secretary Lin of Tongling Supply and Marketing Cooperative, together with Director Li of Qingyang County Bureau of Commerce and Director Hong of China Merchants Bureau, visited Polysun, Anhui Province, Shizishan Science and Technology Innovation Park. Accompanied by Mr. Yuan Xu, the chairman of the company, he visited our production workshop and sample display area, got a preliminary understanding of our products and production and operation, and expressed his affirmation and expectation for us. Mr. Yuan Xu also indicated that he would continue to improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, improve its position in the industry, and do his best to contribute to the promotion of regional economic development and the cause of plastic extrusion.



 In the meeting
On the morning of February 4, the first contract review meeting after the year was held, which also represented the beginning of the new year. Today, Plastex International reported that the advance payment of two 65/132 profile production lines of Jordanian customers has been received, and the contract has officially come into effect! In addition to the two European 51/105 production lines that have just come into effect and the four sets of technical profile production lines in India, the company's foreign trade wagon has been fully launched. The new year is coming again, and we need to work together to create a miracle!
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