National annual meeting of plastic profile and door and window industry

Warm congratulations: the 2019 national annual meeting of plastic profile and doors and windows industry and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the special committee officially opened!

Since 2019, the external situation has been complex and changeable, and the trade conflicts between China and the United States continue, which has a negative impact on the global economy. China's plastic processing industry adheres to scientific and technological innovation as the guide, with supply side structural reform as the main line, and the overall development of the industry is stable with steady growth. From January to September 2019, according to the statistics of China's plastic products industry, the cumulative output of enterprises was 59.9361 million tons, up 4.12% year-on-year, with a growth rate of 3.86 percentage points higher than the same period of last year; the operating revenue of 15700 Enterprises above designated size was 1377.602 billion yuan, up 3.28% year-on-year, with a growth rate of 2.32 percentage points lower than the same period of last year; the profit was 70.407 billion yuan, up 13.35% year-on-year, with a growth rate of 4.12% Compared with the same period of last year, it increased by 13.97 percentage points; the profit margin of operating revenue was 5.11%; the cumulative export value of plastic products was 54.463 billion US dollars, up 6.86% year on year.

In recent years, the plastic profile industry has encountered new difficulties and challenges due to factors such as the continuous downturn of real estate, the fluctuation of raw material prices, the stricter environmental protection policies and supervision. Although the industry has made great efforts in science and technology innovation, green environmental protection, quality assurance and other aspects, the overall level has been greatly improved, but there are still problems such as insufficient investment in technology research and development, relatively excess production capacity of medium and low-end products, and some high-end and high value-added products are not accepted by the market.

1. Adhere to innovation driven and promote industry upgrading

 President Xi said: innovation is the first lever to leverage development. China Plastics Processing Industry Association formulates and implements the "13th five year plan" development guidance for technological progress of plastics processing industry, vigorously promotes scientific and technological innovation, implements the year of scientific and technological innovation, organizes a series of activities such as expert academicians' Association, aiming to promote the formation of industrial innovation mechanism and innovation chain, and hopes that the profile door and window industry will take independent innovation as the core, new materials, new technology, new equipment and Focusing on new products, we will deepen the actions of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brand "three products", implement quality manufacturing, establish quality manufacturing standard system and integrity self-discipline convention, vigorously promote entrepreneurship and craftsmanship spirit, conscientiously implement national standards, and constantly enhance the endogenous power of enterprise development based on quality and brand.

2. Firm development confidence and grasp development opportunities

With the acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of building energy consumption standards, the advantages of plastic doors and windows will become more and more prominent. Plastic profiles and doors and windows industry should firmly develop confidence and continuously improve product technology content and product function and quality through scientific and technological research and development, cultivate private brands, bring market advantages into play, take part in the construction of all roads, seize the opportunities of emerging market development, and create a new image of China plastics profile industry in the international market.

3. Adhere to green development and keep pace with the times

"Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". The ecological construction is related to the sustainable development of the industry and is the new trend of the development of manufacturing industry. The plastic profile and door and window industry should work hard on low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, accelerate the development and application of green, energy-saving and efficient new molding process and technology, and improve the friendliness between industry and environment. Actively develop and promote the technology of recyclable and lead salt substitute stabilizer products, increase the supply of green products, and realize green sustainable development.

4. Adhere to the service industry and promote coordinated development

The continuous improvement of the industry requires a high degree of coordination of the industry itself. In particular, it is necessary to build an industrial innovation chain, strengthen the integrated innovation of politics, industry, education, research, and financial use, and precisely connect the supply side and demand side of innovation to achieve efficient innovation. Today's meeting, I saw that the special committee of profile doors and windows invited the participation of local associations, Shanxi Plastic Association, plastic wood, engineering plastics, roll molding and other relevant special committees, as well as the heads of roof tile Committee of China Building Materials Circulation Association attended the meeting, some of them also arranged reports at the meeting, hoping to further strengthen communication and exchange, strengthen industrial chain cooperation, and form a joint development force in the future 。

Putian Rongtai, shaping the future

Tongling Bosen extrusion equipment Co., Ltd., based on China's plastic profile industry, strives to expand the global development of plastic door and window profile industry. Focusing on the world, we are determined to become the most creative extrusion equipment R & D and manufacturer in China.

China Plastics Association will hold 2020 China International Plastics Exhibition and the second China Plastics science and technology conference in Nanjing from November 3 to 5 next year to build a technology and market docking platform for plastic industry chain enterprises and universities, and jointly promote the high-quality development of China's plastic industry chain relying on scientific and technological innovation.