Notices for Installation of Wood Plastics

Wood-plastic material has great strength, which increases the difficulty of construction invisibly. Taking the construction of railings and floors as an example, Tongling Putai International Trade Co., Ltd. will introduce some construction experience in detail for reference only.
I. Key Points of Bar Construction
1. Some railings can be installed on the ground.
2. Attention should be paid to protecting the surface of wood-plastic materials from scratches during installation.
3. When installing, we should ensure the beauty under the condition of guaranteeing the strength, and pay attention to the position of the screw at the same time.
4. For railings with radian requirements, the angle of tenon should be calculated.
5. Attention should be paid to the beauty of the decorative plate of the balustrade, and the screw holes should not be exposed as far as possible.
6. Use glue when installing hats.
7. We should pay attention to the symmetrical transition of railings with radian requirements.
8. When tenon joints are joined, the characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction of wood-plastic should be taken into account, leaving room for expansion and contraction activities.
9. When installing the column and road surface, the steel plate can be embedded in concrete, and the steel plate at the bottom of the column can be welded with the embedded steel plate or fastened with bolts.
10. When the total length of the balustrade is more than 300 meters, additional deformed transition columns should be considered. 11. The style of the balustrade and the selected profile specifications should be closely matched with the span of the balustrade.

II. Key Points of Floor Construction
1. Before floor construction, the bearing capacity should be calculated.
2. Some places to be strengthened can be strengthened with concrete connection beams and steel.
3. When using steel reinforcement, attention should be paid not to destroy the original concrete structure.
4. The spacing of keel should be calculated accurately.
5. The keel should be leveled.

6. The keel and ground should be tightened with expansion screw.
7. The effect of burying keel in concrete is better.
8. Reserve drainage ditches;
9. Considering that wood-plastic has the characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the floor should be left with expansion joints in the horizontal direction.
10. The floor and keel should be tightened with stainless steel screw.

11. The floor longitudinal also needs to reserve expansion joints. The size of the gap should be reasonably designed according to the temperature, expansion coefficient and length of the material used.
12. Two stainless steel screw and keel should be used to fasten the plate.
13. Because of the slight thermal expansion and cold contraction of wood-plastic, and considering cleaning and other reasons, when installing wood-plastic profiles, there must be appropriate clearance between edge and edge, end and end.
14. When installing wood-plastic floor, it is better to install profiles on keel.
15. When there is an inclination between the profile and the keel, or when it is installed in the bathroom, please reduce the spacing of the keel by at least 10 centimeters.

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