Selection of door and window profiles

When you decorate your home, you will have a headache in choosing the window and door profiles. Yes, there are many kinds of profiles for doors and windows. We are not professionals. We don't know how to choose them. However, there are many kinds of doors and windows profiles, brands, models on the market, which make people unable to see and know how to choose. Following Tongling Putai International Trading Co., Ltd. to introduce the classification of lower door and window profiles which are good.
1. Steel doors and windows
Steel doors and windows are divided into hollow and solid. Compared with wood windows, steel doors and windows have the advantages of strong economy, high strength, fire and moisture resistance, and small section. But steel doors and windows usually sacrifice transparency in order to ensure strength and cost more than wooden doors and windows. In addition, the steel doors and windows still have the disadvantages of high thermal conductivity, poor thermal insulation and sealing, easy erosion and high manufacturing cost.

 2. Plastic doors and windows
Plastic doors and windows and aluminium alloy doors and windows are similar to the new window profiles. Nowadays, plastic doors and windows have good sealing function. They also have the advantages of low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation. However, due to the poor overall hardness of plastic doors and windows, plastic materials themselves give people a feeling of insecurity, so users have doubts about plastic doors and windows. In addition, it is also controlled to choose plastic doors and windows in high-rise buildings, because plastic profiles will melt at high temperatures.
3. Wooden doors and windows
Wooden doors and windows have special patterns and decorative effects. They are also easy to make, easy to repair, low thermal conductivity, high hardness and environmental protection. But wood doors and windows also have many shortcomings. Wood profiles will expand or shrink due to the change of weather. Sometimes the switch is not easy to use, and wood is easy to ignite, changeable and crackable, and it is not easy to repair after being damaged.
Above is the profile of doors and windows introduced by Xiaobian, presumably everyone should already know about the profile of doors and windows. No matter what kind of door and window profiles you choose, you must go to a regular store to choose brand products, so as to better guarantee its quality.