Company purpose

Good as water, good moral, honest as a business, with a bright and honest heart, a promise of a thousand dollars and the same way of doing things to face the market, in the face of business, but also in the face of employees with the same attitude.

Sense of worth

Faster speed, better quality, higher reputation, attach importance to the establishment of corporate brand.

Management policy

Integrate resources, innovate management and strive to guide capital operation.

Company prospect

Develop into a trading company with international advanced level.

management philosophy

Business motivates talents, emotional liaison talents, mechanism trains talents, and system optimizes talents.

Institutional Mode

Human resources allocation and optimization, "ability is better than education, performance is better than seniority" has a positive and healthy working attitude, excellent completion of their work is the company's most valuable talent.

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Plastex Located in Tongling city, one of the most important center for plastic extrusion technology. Designed philosophy sourced from Europe. Refer to the philosophy of “the future of extrusion”, try to work out for worldwide customer a great efficiency, the most advanced & s…